Showcasing the GeoBlogosphere #6

Well a plethora of great articles out there in the blogosphere this month to choose from. In case you were wondering… there will be articles of my own coming soon, just getting back into caching after some unavoidable breaks. In the meantime don’t forget to check these out and if you are reading this on Feb 29th, for god’s sake go get a cache!, otherwise you will have to wait 4 years to tick this date off your matrix! As always be sure to check out my extensive list of Geocaching Blogs.

A rant about Travel Bugs from the Bitchy Cacher
Wow, even by the Bitchy cacher’s standards this is a fiery one and one that made me think. First I can’t say I entirely agree with everything written but it made me giggle to see the interaction from afar. Second, it reminded me that I have been sitting on a TB for too long myself, so better get it out there.

Some advice from a seasoned streaker
I will NEVER be a streaker when it comes to geocaching, but I know some very decent and “normal” people out there who are. Alicia has been streaking for over 1450 days and therefore if she deems to offer some advice on the subject, then it has got to be worth a look.

The Geocaching Junkie’s Cacher Classification list
Which type of cacher are you? Sarah’s blog has an impressive output of interesting and entertaining articles lately and this one caught my eye. I seriously can’t fit myself into anyone of them though, perhaps a bit of this and a bit of that. I think perhaps I am type number 11 – “Special Cacher” (and no adding in a slurred “th” in the middle of the word special thank you).

Classic Kel moments
A great article from Kel this month, full of “coffee spluttering” moments and some decent insight on how to rate puzzle caches into the bargain.

OS Map tip from Marcus.
I love OS maps, always have and even though I can barely see them now even with super magnification, I continue to be fascinated by them. For those that share the fondness for OS maps, check out this article on how to get OS maps back on

Claire takes a pill.
I so enjoy reading the antics of Claire and her Muddy family and this article did not disappoint. I particularly enjoyed her theory that a DMF after a PAF is the fault of the PAF not yours.

When Geobloggers overlap
An article this month from Sandhurst geocachers that reminded me of this little unique community that I am apart of. I speak not of geocachers, but of that subset… geocaching bloggers. This month The Sandhurst geocachers found a cache on the Isle of Wight placed by fellow geoblogger RobInn. It gave me a warm glow deep within… or that could have been indegestion! 🙂

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3 Responses to Showcasing the GeoBlogosphere #6

  1. Sarah says:

    Great round-up, as always and thank you for including me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hg137 says:

    Thank you for giving us a mention! We’re just back from our Lear Year Day caching, including 8 caches and a meet. Glad to see you are blogging again – we had noticed that you hadn’t been active recently.


  3. TheRobbInn says:

    Thank you for the mention (I think I’m repeating hg137 here). I thought I was excited when my own cache on the I o W had its first finder, but I was more than pleased to see our local ‘friends’ found it on their recent trip over to the Island. One day hopefully, we may well meet up with them. In the meantime, carry on with your GeoBlogospheres – they are always so interesting.


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