Mother Chooses Geocaching

I think it is fair to say that I was a little shocked when Sharlene suggested that we should head out for a few caches on Mother’s Day. The idea was greeted with a groan from Sam and he was about to whine about not getting enough quality X-Box time when I gave him a “power Stare” and stated calmly that it was mum’s day and therefore she got to decide what we do, and without missing a beat I added, “and you will be happy about it”.

“Just a half a dozen or so” was the instructions from Shar and so I got to work finding a small cluster, not too far away that we could tackle. I plumped for nearby Bovingdon and 3 caches in a line along a foot path and another triangle of3 close by. A suitable parking spot in between the 2 sections was located and before long we were lacing up boots and shrugging on backpacks for a couple of hours in the great outdoors.

Despite the slight moodiness of pre-teen Sam on the first straight line section of 3 we managed to locate all of them and were enjoying being out in the fresh air. The caches were placed along a wide footpath that ran between two country roads and it was peaceful enough walking the tree lined route. We didn’t see any other signs of life the whole time… I guess the majority of mum’s had chosen to stay in bed with a cup of tea and a box of choccies. To be honest I half expected Shar to do the same, well the stay in bed part anyway.

The hides themselves were nothing special, just basic tree and fence post hides, but they were relatively easy to find apart from one where the coordinates were quite a few metres out leading us to search fruitlessly on the wrong side of the path for 5 minutes. It being a linear trail we picked up the middle one first, then the last one and headed back for the one closest to the car last to avoid any long cache less walking. By the time we were on the return trip to the car, pre-teen was in a better mood, almost “happy” even and there was time for a few photos which will no doubt be viewed nostalgically in the future to remember a time when Sam was, and I quote Shar, “Still my baby”.

Sam and Shar pose pulling silly faces for the camera on a footpath.

Like Mother, Like Son… in so many ways

A sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate back at the car and then we headed in the opposite direction to locate another 3 caches. We walked down a quiet country lane heading for the one furthest away first, as we are want to do, next to some rather imposing fencing to one side. They definitely either wanted to keep something in or something out. A slightly muddy tromp along the edge of a field and we found Fluffy The Great (GC2VARN). What was interesting about this cache was not the cache itself, although I did find the reason behind placing it rather endearing, but the TB that we found in it, MuggleBug West (TB48882). It was a tag with a chunky notebook attached to it. Reading the goal revealed it to be a “Muggle Bug” with the aim of travelling from cacher to muggle in the hope of converting new people to the hobby. The notebook was to record stories and adventures along the way. A nice idea, but it could be a stumbling point for some people should they not know any muggles they want to convert or trust them to deal with a precious TravelBug. Most new players of the game have little clue about what TBs are or how to deal with them properly. We do still have the TB now and it is burning a hole in the bottom of my bag as it really should be back out on the trail and so I have decided to move it to another cache so that at least the owners know it hasn’t disappeared down the back of the fridge where surely all the missing TBs go. Just need to find a cache big enough now to put the thing in!
A picture of sheep

Not Fluffy but fluffy nonetheless. No relevance to the cache or the TB or anything really. I just like sheep

We back tracked to the car collecting another two simple caches on the way and then it was back home so that Shar could relax for the rest of the day while Sam and I attempted to heat up a pre-prepared Spaghetti Bolognaise without burning the neighbourhood to the ground. We managed it… just! Happy Days.

This maternal geocaching adventure took place on Sunday 6th March 2016 and took our total cache count to 1415.

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5 Responses to Mother Chooses Geocaching

  1. Jules says:

    I chose caching too! We sat on a rug in the drizzle eating pork pies and knew it was better than being crammed into a pub somewhere having a special lunch with a hundred others! It was actually one of our best caching days so far as it included two fantastic mystery caches and also, just before we got back to the car, it unexpectedly snowed for five minutes! Thanks for your blog, I love the humour and have also used it to find good circuits.


    • washknight says:

      Aha, I suspected there might be others out there! Thanks for reading, it is very gratifying to hear that you enjoy the blog for its humour and even suggestions for where to cache. Very cool. 🙂


  2. hg137 says:

    Glad you’ve been out caching and blogging – we’ve missed reading about your adventures.


  3. That TB is a fabulous idea! Sounds like an ideal day!


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