We meet again… for the last time!

Now that the worst of the winter is past… o.k. stop laughing… yes I know it could still snow… but assuming that the worst is behind us… oh for god sake, leave the room if you can’t control yourself. Right, if I might continue. Assuming… I can still hear you out in the hall you know!


Now that the worst of the winter is behind us it was time to do a little maintenance on some of our Wall Hall caches. One of the hides had lost its magnetism, a couple were reported as being rather wet and one seemed to be missing completely. Armed with 2 new containers and lots of kitchen roll and log sheets we started our maintenance run on half of the caches. All went to plan and we replaced the missing one and checked all the others, cleaning and drying where needed.

While we were over there, I suggested we look for Hornet’s Hide 18 – Otterspool Trail No. 2 (GCJE1X), which we had so far not been able to find. Sharlene agreed and we took a short detour off our maintenance route. We had attempted this cache quite a while ago and this time we were determined to find it. Recently, many others have managed to locate it, so I had high hopes. After quite a bit of searching and getting rather too close and personal with some holly, we managed to snag the little bugger and I was delighted to convert a DNF into a smiley.

Paul poses in amongst the holly with a mock expression of pain on his face

Bluddy Holly

When logging the cache I noticed a spooky coincidence… It was exactly 2 years, to the day, in between our DNF and the find! I had to chuckle when I reread our DNF log at how clueless we were back then. In 2014 I had written that we had no idea what a beech tree looked like. What amateurs. Two years on… we STILL have no idea how a beach tree differs from an Oak tree or even a Lavatree for that matter. Hmmmmm.

Still, it was satisfying to finally find this cache, especially as it is among the few remaining Hornet caches in the Watford area, and it is always nice to find geocaches older than 10 years, no matter what. Happy days.

This geocaching adventure took place on Wednesday 16th March 2016 and took our cache count to 1416.

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