GeoDate – Relationship Counselling

After our disastrous GeoDate recently (See When Geocaching Despair leads to Thoughts of Cannibalism), it was time to try and patch things up, if we wanted to rebuild our relationship with geocaching at all. After doing a couple of much needed maintenance container replacements on our own caches we headed over to nearby Howe Wood to try and find just a couple of caches. We didn’t want to rush back into things… we needed to take it slow. So a metaphorical dipping of toes in the water was called for. Funnily enough the first cache we chose could have so easily been a literal dipping of toes in the water. Here are my logs for those two caches.

Wet Paws (GC4HYHP )

#1450 Out for a lovely walk after doing some maintenance on some of our own nearby caches. A lovely morning and a beautiful walk. Cache found quickly and in good condition. I was 2 steps from walking into the pond apparently according to the other half while searching for this. I suspect she was a heartbeat from pushing me in. TFTC

Palm Tree

#1451 The birds chirping and sun starting to get warm as we walked along side the school playground to get here. Snippets of shouted conversations could be heard over the joyful yelps and screams of the kids as they played. “Good one basher”, “5 more then you can have a go”, Turn round first”, GET HER” and the slightly panicked voice of a teacher calling “Callum! don’t do that!”. As we neared gz the bell rang and silence descended upon us once more. The walk to the cache was very nice and the hiding spot a lovely place. Love the cache hide have a fav point. TFTC

both caches belong to Hope2pigs, a woman who has stolen more favourite points from me than any other cache owner.

So how did it go? Well, there were no arguments, no getting lost, no massive hills, no busy roads and no hunger fuelled grumpy blind man so it went well. Whilst it is early days, we both agree that our relationship with geocaching may be on the men.

This geocaching relate session took place on Thursday 12th May and took our cache count up to 1451.

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