Showcasing the GeoBlogosphere #8

Below is another great selection of articles to be found on geocaching blogs around the internet recently. Don’t forget to check out my extensive list of geocaching blogs.

Brave little LAGeek
a bad case of Ophidiophobia for LAGeek resulted in one of those blog entries that you know you shouldn’t laugh at, but do anyway.

Kel gets creative for the Bugs
Some people are just far too clever for their own good. This is a fascinating article about how Kel created her TravelBug hotel. I have a vested interst in this one as Here’s Cheers to the GeoBlogosphere became one of the first residents.

Growth is not Sticky
While we are “down under” check out this interesting article i found on Ontario cacher R’s blog talking about geocaching in Oz.

Sandhurst goes to Devon
Back in the UK with the Sandhurst Geocachers on their recent holiday to Devon and Cornwall. Of the numerous articles on their blog about the trip, this one was my favourite because it demonstrates how easy it is to bump into other cachers sometimes.

And now for something a little different.
Normally I focus on articles from purely geocaching blogs in this feature but this time I wanted to include some cool articles that I came across on blogs that aren’t solely about geocaching. We went geocaching and I lost my cool is an article that I am sure a lot of us can identify with. Obsession, frustration and flared tempers, thankfully related here through the humourous slant of hindsight. A Good Day is an article that touched me both for how geocaching can be such a simple pleasure but also because of the deeper story that accompanies it of how a mother copes with bringing up a child who has very challenging needs. And lastly Special dates with Sam and Nate is just a heart warming story of how geocaching can be a fantastic way to spend time wiht the grandchildren.

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