As per my post from last week, Pokémon Go? iPhone says Pokémon No!, it was clear that playing Pokémon Go on our current phones was not going to happen. On Thursday we went into town and I came home with a new iPhone SE and totally unexpectedly, Shar also came home with a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy J3. So there we were, in possession of two shiny new top of the range phones… time to catch some Pokémon.

I know what you are thinking. This is a geocaching blog. And you would be right, but bear with me for a moment. We hit the town on Saturday and Shar and Sam got straight into catching all manner of weird named creatures and racking up experience points, candy, dust eggs, incense and all other sorts of weird stuff, that I am struggling to understand. Long and short of it is that they both love it, Shar surprisingly more than Sam it appears, a fact that I discovered later that evening when she returned in from having a smoke and casually informed me that she had “popped round the block” to pick up a few Pokémon.

I am delighted they enjoy it, and I am happy to tag along for the walk when they go out, especially if we can swing by the odd geocache or two when we go. You see what I am getting at here? When I suggested that perhaps we could walk to the library and look for the cache near there, I was not greeted with groans or grumbling but instead agreement and excitement as there were two Pokéstops over there too. I was mentally rubbing my hands together and planning the hoovering up of many an isolated urban cache around Watford even before we had left the house.

So far, the plan is working. We have been out twice “throwing balls at monsters” and each time we have managed to pick up a cache on the way. So whilst, Pokémon itself is not accessible to me and of little more interest than seeing my family enjoy it, I can see a way that the diminutive virtual monsters might be of great use to me after all.

[Cue close up on my face as my eyes sparkle and I laugh manically]

This weird Geo-Poké-cach-mon-ing adventure took both Sam and Shar to level8 and our cache count up to 1495.

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2 Responses to Geo-Poké-cach-mon-ing

  1. Barb says:

    I am pleased to hear Pokemon is being enjoyed, I went to a geocache meet last week and Pokemon was soon being discussed, at least it can be a good cover for us geocachers.

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    • washknight says:

      You are absolutely right. I was having exactly that conversation with Shar the other day about how it makes searching for those urban caches a lot easier now as half the world seems to be standing on street corners staring at mobile phones at the moment.


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