Geolympix Ashridge 2016 – We’re Going!

geolympixWhat is the Geolympix? In a nutshell… it is a geocaching event held to coincide with the Summer Olympics. It was first held in 2012 and proved to be such a success that the organisers plan to hold it every four years. This year it is being held on Sunday, 31st July in the Ashridge country park which is just a 30 minute drive from us, and this time it is gong MEGA. Oooooo exciting πŸ™‚

“But Paul,” I hear you cry, “You don’t really like mega events.”

Well, you are right, I have gone on record saying that Mega events just don’t seem to be our thing, but there are a few reasons why we are choosing to attend this one.

Firstly, it is on our doorstep. If we get bored or aren’t enjoying it, we can be at home with feet up sipping wine/vodka/lemonade in 30 minutes.

Secondly, we are not really going intending to cache. We plan to go sometime in the afternoon, sign the mega log, browse around the stalls, take a look at the special attractions laid on, and maybe sniff the odd lab cache or two. So our expectations are much more basic.

Thirdly, we reckon we will know a good handful of people there. As it is on our doorstep and being organised by some people we know through the BBH Facebook group, the likelihood of us bumping into people we know is a lot higher. Plus there is a chance of meeting people who we know through the internet who are going too. Sarah, The Geocaching Junkie, has said she will be there as part of her whirlwind 3 Mega events in a week trip, and also Graham and Helen who write the Sandhurst Geocachers blog are going to and I hope I get the chance to bump into them and put a voice to a blog as it were.

And lastly, the National Geocaching Awards event is being hosted there in the late afternoon and I am very interested to see what sort of a do this is going to turn out to be. Whether in future years I will be proud to say I was at the first ever NGAs or whether I will be laughing at what a total dog’s breakfast it was. Either way, it interests me. Oh, and mumble… mumble… I may have been nominated in one of the award categories mumble… mumble.

So, we will be there, and if you are going too, look out for the man with the trackable white cane, it will probably be me.

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4 Responses to Geolympix Ashridge 2016 – We’re Going!

  1. hg137 says:

    Hopefully we will see you. If you can see a pair of oranges its us in T shirts.

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  2. Clare says:

    Hope you had a good time. I’m off to Wales at the weekend – with very low expectations! Ha!


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