Saying goodbye is hard to do.

Just a few months after we started caching in 2013, we placed a small series of caches around the streets of Watford (See The Seeker becomes The Hider. Over the last few months I have been thinking a lot about them and came to the decision that it is time to archive them and move on. They weren’t bad caches, but they weren’t great either. I learnt a lot about cache placement and how to managed geocaches from this series, skills that have proved invaluable when planning and placing subsequent caches. In the last year the caches in the series had received very few logs, so I made the decision to remove them. That was 6 weeks ago.

Having made the decision, I am not quite sure why I didn’t just archive them there and then. Over the coming weeks on a number of occasions my decision came back into my thoughts and somehow I avoided actually getting the job done again. It seemed that deciding to archive them was one thing, but actually letting them go was another.

Finally, today, I bit the bullet and submitted the fatal logs that would send 6 geocaches to the “box in the attic”. It wasn’t a painful thing to do as such, but I’d be lying if I didn’t feel a little sad to let them go. They held a lot of memories for me about our earlier days caching and I remember how exciting it was to publish them and receive the first find logs. It was the right thing to do though… although perhaps not exactly the best time.

This weekend a souvenir is available to all geocachers who find a puzzle cache and all the 6 caches that I archived, whilst not strictly puzzle caches, do have the mystery cache icon. After I had archived them, I realised this and mentioned it to Shar, that how ironic it would be if someone actually went out and found one of the caches to get their souvenir, before we could retrieve the old containers. Can you guess what is coming next?

Less than 3 hours after I archive the caches, I received a found it log on one of them! I do hope they actually get their souvenir.

It seems old caches die hard sometimes.

Farewell Street Name Scramble geocaches, you are gone but not forgotten.

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