Here’s Cheers to the GeoBlogosphere – One year on

Just over a year ago fellow geoblogger Kel (check out her blog geo-Mumma Kel | The adventures of a geo-caching mum) suggested setting loose a TravelBug with the aim of getting all the way from her in Australia over to us in the UK (see The GeoBlogosphere gets the Travel Bug). Well, Here’s Cheers to the GeoBlogosphere was released on the 29th of April 2016 and I thought that you might want to know how it is getting on, a year into its travels.

Initially it sat in its launch cache for more than two months after Kel dropped it off until finally it was picked up by a cacher called Lavinian who took it round New South Wales for a bit before dropping it off in Victoria in late August 2016 which put over 400 miles on the clock.

It was picked up just a few days later by another cacher but then it disappeared for a while until Ayratara grabbed it somewhere in South Australia and put it back on track again adding over a thousand miles onto it before dropping it off in November, still in South Australia. By this point it has racked up over two thousand miles but it still is in the same country where it started.

Help was at hand though as only a few days later, on the 24th of November, Team Bounty26 picked it up and immediately took it to Japan, over 4,800 miles away. Oh yeah, now we are getting somewhere. The TB hardly had time to learn how to order a beer in Japanese before it was picked up by someone else at the beginning of December with the promise of taking it to Europe.

Sure enough, kendzos did us proud and dropped it off on the 22nd of January in Poland adding another 5,000 miles to the tally. From here it sat for only a couple of days before it was snatched again with the promise of being moved on soon. dub2405 stayed true to their promise and sure enough at the end of January 2017 it was dropped in Belgium another 700 miles further along on its journey.

Since then it has spent February, March and April travelling from cache to cache in Belgium with a couple of different geocachers and as of right now it is in the hands of having recently visited MISLEIDING (GC611GN) a cache in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium that is a tantalisingly close 150 miles east of where we live!

So Close, and yet so far! Let’s hope that it can continue on its journey and make it over to us soon. In the meantime, Happy first birthday little TB, cheers to you.

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7 Responses to Here’s Cheers to the GeoBlogosphere – One year on

  1. hg137 says:

    Poland eh ? Most of us would use tanks to invade Poland , but you use Trackables! What a different invasion strategy !

    Well done on a year’s worth of travels. We’ve released 3 TBs into the big wide world. 2 have somehow got lost, and one succeeded with its mission in arriving home. Hope your TB makes it across the English Channel/North Sea successfully.


  2. Sarah says:

    I’m off to France in about 5 weeks, flying in to Brussels so let me know if it’s still bumping around there and I’ll do my best to pick it up!

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  3. I wish it good fortune. I released 3 TBs into the wild and they are all MIA. 😉


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