Geodating in Birch Green

A few weeks back, some “new geocache” notifications popped into my mailbox that caught my eye. I get a few emails every week as new caches are added in the area but they are normally one offs. These ones were part of a series though and that is always interesting. After some brief exploration on the iPhone I had a couple of offline lists saved with some nice looking cache trails not far from Hertford. We had been in the general area of these new caches before, most recently on a caching day out to Tewin with our friends Geoff and Melissa but for some reason I hadn’t noticed these circuits until now

Finding a break in the rain and the stinking hot weather Shar and I made our way over to Birch Green to tackle the smallest of the trails for a GeoDate. There are only 10 in the Birch Green Wander series plus 3 other odds that I had earmarked as “dooable”, we wanted to take it relatively easy and decide whether the area was worthy of returning some other time to tackle one of the other two loops which are bigger with 19 and 22 caches respectively.

On the whole it was very pleasant semi-rural Hertfordshire countryside, partially along an old railway line and for the rest it was footpaths through fields and alongside quiet country lanes.

A fairly straight forward set of caches, all a bit on the small side considering they were rural but they did the job and they were all there which is always a bonus.

Aside from almost being mowed down by an idiot mountain biker who just wasn’t paying attention, bumping into the same group of golden oldie walkers a couple of times and finding our 1700th cache, it was basically uneventful. Rather than give you the dull details of the individual caches I will just leave you with a couple of photos. I suspect we shall be returning again soon, probably with Sam, to tackle one of the bigger loops. It was nice to have a proper series to sink our teeth into.

Shar stands in a field of green wheat facing the camera

ahhh yes that classic song… “Fields of green”

Paul sits on a shaded bench eating lunch

“And if I point the food like this, it makes me seem like I am trying to say something in the photo”

A large church fills the view

A disproportionally large church at Hertingfordbury, the place that just won’t let you finish its name.

This geocaching adventure took place on Thursday 15th June and took our total cache count up to 1709.

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