We won a prize!

Well, we only went and won something didn’t we!
Stone the crows… although not literally. I do not advocate the stoning of, or any other form of cruelty towards, animals. That being said, metaphorically parade out those crows and stone them.
The competition in question was the previously mentioned Mountain Warehouse geocaching TravelBug affair and one of our pictures taken with our Jimmy Talon TB whilst out caching won a runners up prize comprising of our choice of stuff from the awesome Mountain Warehouse website. You can see our winning photo, me with a sheep, along with all the other winning entries on the Mountain Warehouse Facebook page.
It was tricky to choose what we wanted; there is just so much cool stuff to choose from. In the end I selected a new winter jacket and we got some much needed lined trousers for Sam who will soon be off doing outdoor fun stuff with the scouts on a gruelling “Green Beret” weekend.

Paul and Sam stand inside at home wearing their prizes. Paul has a winter coat button up all the way with his hood up and is also wearing slippers. Sam wears his scout uniform and a pair of cool outdoor lined trousers. The are both somewhat comical figures ready for the outdoors standing inside.

The trousers look great and the coat is awesome, just not sure about teh slippers!

I want to thank the guys at MW for the swag and can especially praise their customer support which was very helpful and efficient even though there was a cock up on the part of the delivery company initially in getting our stuff to us.

I now, strangely find myself willing the weather to turn so I can really put our new clobber through its paces. Happy Days.

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4 Responses to We won a prize!

  1. hg137 says:

    Well done on winning the competition. Its always good to see what the prize is spent on too! Hope the items keep the worst of the British weather out!

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  2. Sandratilley says:

    Hi Paul Well deserved All you need now is some wet weather to try it out xxxxx Mum

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