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A Very Handy TravelBug

I simply could not resist posting something about what I consider to be the coolest trackable on the planet. KJWX, a cacher based in New Zealand, a few months ago became the first person to have a trackable implant! (The … Continue reading

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It is always intriguing when something a little different falls into your lap, that is of course assuming that that the something different isn’t an annoyed cat with claws at full extension! Thankfully it was not a perturbed pussy having … Continue reading

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I’ve Got The Key!

It’s always cool to see something a little different when it comes to geocaches and this one grabbed my interest a while back. Bones Cash Box is not a complicated or in depth puzzle cache, but instead it earns its … Continue reading

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My First TravelBugs

For my birthday I received two TravelBugs. If you don’t already know, a TravelBug is a metal tag very similar in size and shape to those displaying serial numbers that are worn around the neck of military personnel, dog tags. … Continue reading

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