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The Mystery of the Cornish TravelBugs

Whilst out caching this week in Hemel Hempstead (See On The Trail of a Fox – GeoDate in Hemel) we found a TB. Nothing unusual about that right? Well so we thought but when we got it home we found … Continue reading

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We’ve got fleaz!

There, I’ve admitted it. And as strange as it sounds, I have a good feeling about it. Now stop scratching and pay attention while I explain. GeoFleaz formerly known as TravelFleas are tiny metal tags that are engraved with your … Continue reading

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Getting Knotty with CaptainJack

The school holidays are here and that means six weeks of a “bored” 10 year old to deal with. Well we have put our thinking caps on and feel that we are prepared to tackle the boredom head on this … Continue reading

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Camoflauged Tupperware – Creating our next series.

Now here is a picture to make a geocacher’s heart rate increase slightly. Lots of lovely new containers ready to go out into the wild and just screaming out to be found. Work is progressing nicely on our new series … Continue reading

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