Canal Caching – Harefield

We headed over to harefield to do some caching along the Grand Union canal walk. We had hoped to be able to do a circuit I had planned out not far from Latimer but with the huge amounts of rain we have had in in the last day or so we opted for something that we reckoned wouldn’t be as muddy. Despite having done it for over 6 months now there are certain types of geocaching that we have not done very often. Canal walks falls into this category and I have to say that I don’t find them as engaging as the other sorts of walks we have done so far.

I think that over time you learn from experience about likely hides for caches in different terrains and we definitely have not quite clicked on to all the standard canal hides as we seemed to spend a long time on some of the caches today. One we found practically in the canal which was a real surprise and it was only previous logs that even led us to search over the side of the tow path and not in the vegetation line borders.

A longshot view of the Grand Union Canal stretching off into the distance. The water is still and there is no sign of barges or people. The season is obviously winter

Grand Union Canal

It was still quite muddy today but I reckon it was far less muddy than it would have been if we had gone walking in the Chiltern Hills as I had planned for us. In total we found 7 caches today and had to DNF one unfortunately but that is still not too bad. Despite the fact that it was quite cold the sun was shining bright and when it hit you full in the face its warmth was most welcome. The Canal was very quiet at this time of year, however the constant hum of traffic reminded us that we were only a short distance away from both the M25 and the M40 motorways.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Love the shadows in the photograph!1


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