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This page was last updated in April 2018 whereupon all the blogs in the main list had been posted to in the last 12 months or so. A list of lapsed blogs appears at the bottom of the page for archive purposes. If there are any errors / broken links or you wish to add a blog to this list then please use the comments form at the bottom of the page.
Recently added : Gilmour family geocaching blog
The Caching Bag
“Geocaching adventures in the Great Lakes”
Elisa a.k.a. Scrapcat lives and caches in southeast Michigan in the USA. She was introduced to caching by her brother on a visit to the Zoo one day back in 2011. She has many interesting, funny and informative stories to tell and they are all laid out beautifully on her blog. In November 2014 she celebrated her 5000th cache on the 1000th day of a caching streak and it doesn’t look like she will be breaking that streak anytime soon. Elisa took Washknight’s interrogation in April 2015.

Fun-Gal Caching
Cheryl A.K.A. Thebuttonmushroom only became interested in all things fungi after selecting her name. Originally from Swansea, Wales she now resides in Hampshire with her husband who “puts up” with her geocaching obsession. Her blog is a veritable treasure trove of caching adventures and her profile is a staggering list of achievements racked up in the time since she started caching in 2009. Cheryl took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in April 2015.

“The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”
Drsolly is, at time of writing, the cacher with the highest number of finds in the UK, with over 40,000. His blog is an ecclectic mix of posts about current afairs, his fleet of self built electric bikes, devlishily funny ways to deal wiht spammers and cold callers and of course geocaching. Whilst more recently his references to caching are less detailed than they used to be his site is a fantastic archive of useful and funny posts well worth subscribing to.

Geocaching with DS8300
“Weekly update on my geocaching activities”
Martin lives in Sweden and caches under the name DS8300. He can lay claim to having cached in over 40 countries and enjoys travelling and adding to that list whenever he can. As of early 2014 he had found over 4000 caches and the split is almost 50 50 for those in Sweden and those abroad. His blog is informative and well written. Martin took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in October 2014.

Dweeb’s Diatribe
“geocaching diary of OLdweeb”
OLdweeb lives and caches in the San Fernado Valley California USA and has been maintaining his blog for well over 7 years. His adventures are interesting, pithy and annotated with some truly breathtaking photographs.

The Gardners
“Life in a nutshell, ‘cos it’s better if you’re nuts!”
Kevin lives in Buckinghamshire UK and maintains a fantastically well written blog that is packed with stories about his family’s adventures. As well as geocaching, which he blames his wife for getting him into, his blog contains articles about travelling and he and his wife’s passion for running. A good writing style with a dry cheeky sense of humour will keep you coming back time and time again. Kevin took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in October 2014

The Geocaching Blog
“The Official Groundspeak geocaching blog”
Within the entries of this regularly updated blog you will find groundspeak announcements, interesting articles about the hobby as well as reoccuring features like geocache of the week and geocacher of the month.

Geocaching Jangie
“Go Explore”
jon and angie discovered geocaching back in 2012 and chose the name jangie under which to find caches. Their love of the sport gets them out and about in their native North Dakota,USA and their blog is an entertaining and educational read.

Geocaching Journal (UK)
“My Adventures with Geocaching”
Barbara has been caching under the name StarSpotter since 2010. She lives in Somerset in the UK and loves caching with family and her trusty GeoHound Tara, who has an unfortunate aversion to mud. The articles on her blog are both interesting and well written and are accompanied by a good selection of photographs.

The Geocaching Junkie
“The adventures of an Irish geocaching addict”
Sarah lives near Dublin in Ireland but her geocaching addiction has taken her to such far flung places as Germany, Italy, America, France and various locations across the UK. Very quickly after starting out in 2013 she soon found herself becoming hooked and is out hiking and caching most weekends, although she is even prepared to get up very early or nip out in her pyjamas in order to try and maintain her consequetive monthly FTF streak. Sarah’s blog is fast becoming a collection of interesting and sometimes daring caching adventures that will have you clicking the follow button eager for more.

Louisiana Geocaching Organization is a social benefit organization promoting Geocaching and geolocation gaming in Louisiana.

geo-Mumma Kel
“The adventures of a geo-caching mum”
Kel, aka Geo-Mumma Kel, is from Australia and has been caching since the latter part of 2013. The posts about her high terrain rating antics – sometimes carried out in thongs (no… not that sort of thong) – are always entertaining. Kel took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in September 2014.

Geocaching Milestones and Memories
“When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot.”
Dave comes from Chesterland, Ohio in the USA, has been caching with his family since 2004 under the name miatabug and has so far amassed over 15,000 finds. He also leads a double life and as Mr. Ollivander, is one of the groundspeak volunteer reviewers.

Get Out!
“A blog dedicated to getting off the couch, turning off the tube and going outside to do something fun… now Get Out!”
mrbream lives in Georgia, USA and has been caching since 2009, but it wasn’t until August of 2015 whilst listening to a geocaching podcast that he decided that it was time he made an effort to complete his grid… by finding a geocache on every date of the year. He started with over 150 dates left to fill and his blog comprises of a monthly update of his progress and some of the interesting caches he finds along the way. If all goes to plan he will complete his Challenge on August 4th 2016, but will it all go to plan?

Gilmour family geocaching blog
Jennifer, Rob and their 3 children cache as the gilmourfamily and are based in Hull in the UK. They started during June 2017 and in less than a year already had over 200 finds, 8 hides and a funny and entertaining blog to into the bargain. A family with a real enthusiasm for geocaching and it shows in their blog entries, not least of all in the great video clips from 8 year old Sophie.

Griff Grof’s Geocaching Adventures
Living in the beautiful Cotswolds area of the UK, Griff Grof has been geocaching since 2010. As well as enjoying many adventures he has an active roll in CacheWalker, one of the longest standing regional geocaching communities and is also one of the founding members of Cotswold Caching. His blog is a rich source of trail reports, great photos and excellent descriptions, along with the occasional thought provoking article about the direction that Geocaching has taken in recent years.

LAGEEK Goes Geocaching
“Getting Outdoorsy”
lageek lives in Texas USA, where her day job as a middle school teacher keeps her extremely busy. Outside of work she loves to walk and geocache and her blog is a rich collection of well written accounts of her adventures.

Lanmonkey’s Adventures
The Lanmonkeys started caching in 2012 and their find count of over 6500 might give you some idea of the level of their involvement. As well as their informative and interesting blog, they also produce regular youtube content and Mr. Lanmonkey is a co-host on the Caching in the North West podcast. Partial to a bit of streaking and more recently caching by kayak, they live in British Columbia, Canada.

Life as a Geocacher
“Life as a Geocacher”
Dick is from America and goes by two different caching names – firennice and Bluerajah. His dual geocaching personality is explained by the fact that since 2009 he has been one of the Volunteer Reviewers for Utah where he lives. He likens his introduction to geocaching to be similar to that of taking the red pill or falling down the rabbit hole. His blog is packed with the details of his adventures along with useful guidance about geocaching from the point of view of both a cacher and a reviewer. If you need anymore of an incentive to head on over to his site then I can tellyou that whilst out geocaching he has saved at least one life and got one of the funniest / chilling spider stories I have ever read. Dick took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in October 2014.
Live Laugh Love
“Welcome to my little corner of the world.”
K who caches as Paisleykmt, hails from Washington in the USA. She lists amongst her loves Steam Punk, camping with her boyfirend in their VW Vannagon, 007, dirty martinis and, of course, geocaching. She details the camping and geocaching adventures on her blog in an interesting and engaging way. Oh and she has the words Vivi Ridi Amore tatooed on the inside of one of her wrists to constantly remind herself of her simple mantra, “Live, Laugh, Love”

Mud And Nettles
“It’s Fun Out There”
Clare lives in Cambridgeshire in the UK and is the mind and fingers behind, in my mind, one of the best named caching blogs… Mud and Nettles. A mum of three, she is relatively new to both caching and blogging. Her passion for the great outdoors and a keen wit will make you want to return to her site over and over again. Clare took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in October 2014.

The Muminator
Krista is from Surrey in the UK and maintains an enjoyable and funny blog called The Muminator and the geocaching adventures of her family will always have you giggling. At times in the past she admits to letting her caching obsession get the better of her and confesses that it has come very close to being grounds for divorce on at least one occasion. Krista took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in September 2014.

OpenCaching North America
Mr Yuck. is the rather bizarre caching name of Jim who lives and caches in the Buffalo / Niagra Falls regionin in America. Being quite an early adopter of caching, first hearing about it in 2003, he has lots of experiences to draw on. His blogging takes the form of being the resident blogger for, a position he has held since early 2014. Despite having cached for 11 years he confesses he has never yet managed to convert a muggle. Mr Yuck took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in October 2014..

Perpetual Recepticles
“A Geocaching Blog”
Jólnir, whilst not a prolific cacher compared to some, has certainly led somewhat of a nomadic life for the past couple of years. Starting out in America, study has meant time spent in the UK,Itlay briefly and now Prince Edward Island in the Canadian Maritimes. The blog with one of the cleverest titles I have come across in a while is a detailed account of Jólnir’s caching adventures and includes a fantastic amount of well captioned and impressive photos that compliment the text. Reading each article is imerssive and it is easy to feel as if you are along for the smiley too.

Planes, Trains and Hire Cars
Mark and Donna are from Warickshire in the UK and cache under the name Delta68. Their blog is a fantastic collection of stories about their geocaching adventures. They have over 17,000 finds, are currently the top cachers in the UK for webcams, have attended every piratemania event and every uk mega event since 2008, one of only a handful of people to do this. Their antics are interesting, thrilling and laced with humour and leave you with no doubt that they are utterly bonkers. Mark and Donna took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in November 2014.

The Husband and Wife team of HG137 set themselves a very specific goal back at the end of 2012… to average a cache a day for the next year and to blog about how they achieved it. Their blog is a blow by blow account of their geocaching antics up to and now beyond their original challenge. With plenty of photos accompanying the entries and a good sense of humour throughout, you will be putting this one on your follow list for sure. Helen and Graham took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in October 2014.

“My Geocaching Adventures”
Clairehelena lives in Hertfordshire in the UK and has been caching since 2014 although she only started her blog in 2016. Along with her geocaching partner who she often refers to simply as the ‘man’ but sometimes as dad, she is well over the 1000 find mark and is a self confessed history geek.

thomfre and Heltinnen
“Traveling the world, one cache at a time ”
thomfre and Heltinnen are two geocachers from Karmøy, a big island situated on the south western coast of Norway. Ever since discovering caching back in 2012 they have thrown themselves into the hobby with great dedication and enthusiasm. thomfre quickly became involved in the caching community and participates in organisations at the regional and national levelin Norway. He is an administrator on one of Norway’s largest geocaching Facebook groups and is also on the editorial staff of the Scandinavian geocaching magazine, Nullpunktet. (The link above will take you to the english version of their blog. You can also visit the Norwegian version which has additional content.)

UK Geocaching Blog
Lee, who caches as FireStars, hails from Cambridgeshire in the UK and with over 1700 finds has plenty of stories to tell. He is also in the very enviable position of owning where he hosts his blogs, videos and useful geocaching info. Lee took Washknight’s Interrogation challenge in September 2014.

Washknight – Geocaching Blind
“Geocaching, tech, life, blindness and assorted witterings!”
I thought I should include my own blog in the list too. I’m Paul, I cache with my other half as Washknight and we live in Hertfordshire UK with our son Sam a.k. miniknight. I discovered geocaching in 2013 and was hooked instantly. It took a little longer to get the other half as addicted but ever since then, we have had all sorts of great caching adventures. My blog is an account of our journey into the sub-culture of caching and how a blind man can manage to geocache at all .

WizzardPrang’s Ramblings
“Do you have the time, to listen to me whine? About nothing and everything all at once.”
Steve has the interesting caching name of WizzardPrang and loves tech, off roading and, of course, caching which he does in and around Hertfordshire where he lives. His site is the second ever geocaching blog that I found and I have been following it for over a year now, tuning back in to enjoy his wry sense of humour and follow his ongoing quest to one day finish the Chiltern 100. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person a couple of times and I can say he is a bloody nice guy. Steve took Washknight’s Interrogation in October 2014.

Lapsed / Stopped Blogs
A ‘lil Hoohaa – Apr 2017
Memfis Mafia – Feb 2017
The Life of a Geocacher – Feb 2017
Wittering Squid – Nov 2016
GEOJO – Sep 2016
Robbinn Geocaching – Jun 2016
The Northern Thing< – Jun 2016
R’s Geocaching Blog – May 2016
GeoCache: I’m NOT Obsessed… Right? – May 2016
Only Googlebot reads this blog – May 2016
Meandering With Marcus – May 2016
Thoughts from the Big Rice Bowl – Mar 2016
thebitchycacher – Feb 2016
Geocache Trails – Feb 2016
Geocaching MzAdventures – Dec 2015
TravelGypsyNZ – Oct 2015
My Geocaching Adventures – Sep 2015
Andean Trekker – Sep 2015
GeoCass UK GeoCaching – Aug 2015
Sun and Cake – Aug 2015
Uncle Mack’s Geocaching Blog – July 2015
Geocraig’s Adventures – May 2015
Geocaching Journal (USA) – Feb 2015
Cyclonic Adventures – Jan 2015
It’s Not About The Numbers – Jan 2015
Geostappers – Dec 2014
Ed Out And About – Dec 2014
Geocaching with EMC of Northridge – Sep 2014
Trees, Trails & Tupperware – Sep 2014
geonarcissa – Jul 2014
Trip’s GeoAdventures – Jul 2014
Capt. Geoman’s Logbook – May 2014
Geocaching | Out and About with the GeoKs – Aug 2014
Geocaching With GeoKids – Feb 2014
Scratchings on The Wall – Nov 2013
cache hownds adventures – Nov 2013
Geocache Chronicle | Ground Zero for one geocacher out of millions – Aug 2013
Erika Jean: geocaching – Apr 2013
A Cachin’ We Will Go – – Dec 2012
Adventures in Geocaching – Oct 2012
Abihert’s Caching Blog – Aug 2012
Geocaching Mama – Jan 2012
Geocaching With Datruck’s Crew – Dec 2011
Tulameen Turtles Geocaching Adventures – Nov 2011
Geocaching with PinkFlash03 – Sep 2011
Adventures of a Bolas Heathen | Geocaching in Shropshire and beyond. – May 2011
Geocaching Online – Mar 2010
Northwoods GeoCats – Mar 2010


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    My daily blog also centers on our geocaching adventures since geocaching leads us to so many of our new memories. (

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    Kind Regards!


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