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A Merry Multi Cache

Being Bank Holiday and now that Sam was refreshed from his week of excitement in Norfolk with Nanny, we decided to make a day of it today and try our hand at a multi cache in Bushey. We had done … Continue reading

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Meeting Other Geocachers

So even though there are millions of people participating in the pastime of Geocaching and despite the fact that it is labelled as a social hobby there is a problem. The thing is that the whole ethos of geocaching is … Continue reading

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Returning to Mill Hill

Shar and I took a trip back to Mill Hill today as I wanted to show her some of the places where I grew up. We had originally planned to go for a walk in Scratch Woods but found access … Continue reading

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Getting Engaged – The High Point of the Year

Monday 19th August 2013. As Sam was up visiting Nanni in Norfolk this week, Shar and I had planned to have some days out to make the most of the time we had alone. At the beginning of the year … Continue reading

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18 Days on – Oxhey Woods, Whippendell Woods and Ely

Two and a half weeks into August and we are still caching strong. We haven’t managed to find a cache every single day but so far we have found at least one cache on 15 out of the 18 days. … Continue reading

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Opening geocache locations in Navigon

The following explains a method to enable you to quickly and easily open the location of a geocache in Navigon so that you can use the turn by turn navigation system to get you to the cache. For this to … Continue reading

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100th Geocache

Today we found our 100th Geocache. It is an achievement that I am very proud of, that we have managed to find this many caches in only 67 days. We found our first geocache on 6th June and today, the … Continue reading

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31 Days of Caching – Week 1

This time last week I was thinking about the challenge from, to find a cache every day in August, and I didn’t think I would be able to manage it but reckoned it was worth a shot. One week … Continue reading

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RFC 1321

RFC or Request For Comments number 1321 is a document that describes the application of a digesting algorithm called MD5 which will generate a 32 character hexadecimal “hash” when performed on any binary file or other data. So this means … Continue reading


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Day 3 of 31 completing Brian’s Nature Ramble in Bushey

Well, day 3 of the 31 days of August challenge and so far so good. Yesterday we managed to find one of my previous DNF’s in North Watford, Bella’s Bounty No. 5 Near home (GC3N585) although we almost gave … Continue reading

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