Permission Denied

I had hoped that this blog entry would be the first of a series about our new geocaches that we were planning to place. Unfortunately, we have fallen at the first hurdle as the Owner of the rural estate on which we were hoping to put them has declined our request for permission. It is such a shame as we had identified a very nice walk around pretty surroundings on the Munden Estate which is a pleasant mixture of woodland, parkland, river and greenways not far from the village of Aldenham in Hertfordshire. The estate is criss crossed with public rights of way including, footpaths, bridal ways and other byways and all the parkland and woodlands are open to the public to enjoy it just seems that they would rather not have any geocaches on their estate.

It seems they have had various requests in the past and so it would appear that I was not the first person to think that this would be a great place for a series of caches. Hey ho, there is nothing that we can do about it and so we go back to square one and look for other possible locations. I did have an idea to maybe set a multi-cache in and around the grounds of the estate with the actual physical final container being placed outside, and I will give this some more consideration. *evil grin*

I do have a plan B that can be pursued and it happens to be right next door to the Munden Estate. The Wall Hall estate is made up of a similar environment but the one difference here is that the whole estate is owned and managed by Hertfordshire County Council so I might have more luck there…. We shall see.

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5 Responses to Permission Denied

  1. Cam says:

    Best of luck. I think many people don’t really understand the concept of geocaching (muggles aside, who aren’t even aware of our magical world of excitement, adventure, and cranial titilation). They may fear “trash buildup and environmental degradation”, but what they don’t understand (education is key) is that our geocaching rules, philosophies and overall lifestyle heartily encompass the “earth friendly”, “leave no trace” and “cache in, trash out” philosophy. That is a lot more than we can say for general muggledom.


  2. It’s worth checking with the GAGB as they have a database of landowner permissions, they may also be about to help with negotiating new ones. Good luck with the new caches! 🙂


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