Street Name Scramble series maintenance

With things slowly getting back to normal since the move, this week it was time to sort out some problems with our Street Name Scramble caches that we had place during the autumn of last year. There were some clue items that were missing and it was doubtful whether a couple of the containers were there anymore either. On top of that I was generally not happy with the whole series. I still like the concept of having to work out an anagram to find the street name where the cache is located, and then all the clues in the street to find the final container… that is still good. Unfortunately my idea of trying to place small containers in the urban environment wasn’t working out too well. We have had to replace 4 containers in 6 months and over the time since they were placed it turns out some of the locations aren’t that nice. One or two of the hides seem to be exactly where people throw their trash or let their dogs foul. It staggers me really how when in an urban environment that if you have a square of grass with a couple of bushes on it that people seem to regard it as a dog toilet or bin… Some people have no respect for their surroundings.

I decided to change the containers to be magnetic micros and find places to hide them that would be, if not desirable, at the very least a bit more sanitary. It is a shame as the whole idea was to try and avoid using containers that were too small for swaps but I really see no alternative and don’t want to archive the caches unless I have to. By replacing them with magnetic micros it allows me to keep the caches alive and still provides the incentive for people to find them and collect the bonus numbers which will point them to a nice regular size container that is hidden in a small woodland next to a park. On balance I think this is still an attractive series of geocaches to do and hope that people will agree.

We spent a morning this week, placing all the new containers and fixing the broken clues. It is funny how out of the 5 hides, that we couldn’t even find the containers for 3 of them. One was definitely missing but the other two we can’t be sure if they were there and we just couldn’t find them, or they had gone walkies too. We did manage to reclaim a couple of containers though, which was good as we will be able to use them again in our Wall Hall Series that we are hoping to put out in the next few weeks.

Once all the work at the GZs was done, I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon, updating all the descriptions and coordinates on the website. Finally by the end of the day I was able to post owner maintenance logs and enable all of the caches again. It is a good feeling to have them back up and ready for people to find and I hope that these changes will encourage people to get out there and do just that.

Here’s hoping!

Here are links to the geocaches in our Street Name Scramble Series


SNS006 Bonus (GC4TNMQ).</

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3 Responses to Street Name Scramble series maintenance

  1. chiptheduck says:

    Out of the country at the moment so I don’t have my caching notes to hand at present, but I think I solved 4 of these, visited the roads a few months back and picked up the clues, but I only found one of the caches.
    Would I have to visit the roads again to locate the new GZ – that is have you changed the clues or just the formulae?
    If the latter I’ll have another go when I get back.


    • washknight says:

      All the clues yield the same numbers as before for all of the caches, so if you have numbers from before then they are good. The formulas for sns002, sns003 and sns005 have changed so you may need to feed the numbers through the new formulas if you have those ones. The numbers for the bonus have changed so let me know, when you have your notes, which ones you have and I will help you sort it all out. 🙂


  2. Kel says:

    Such a shame the larger containers didn’t work out, but glad you could get the series back up and running. Hopefully this lot last longer 🙂


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