7 Souvenirs for 7 Cachers

Groundspeak have launched a new August challenge for geocachers this year. Last year they challenged everyone to find a cache on every day of August. This was met with a mixed reaction in the community and a lot of people learnt that geocaching streaks are not fun. Sure the first few days are quite exciting but after a couple of weeks it just becomes hard work. At least that is the opinion of quite a few people but not everyone. Some people love cache streaking… nutters. We managed 12 days and that was enough to convince us that it was not for us.

This year’s challenge seems much more achievable. All you have to do is find 6 different types of geocache during the month. For each of the types you get a nice souvenir image for your collection and if you get them all then you can get a secret seventh one for being wonderful and clever 🙂

Here’s what you need to get.

  • 1 Traditional cache for the Explorer souvenir

  • 1 puzzle cache for the puzzler souvenir

  • 1 multicache for the sightseer souvenir

  • 1 earth cache or attend 1 CITO event for the nature lover souvenir

  • 1 virtual or 1 webcam or 1 whereigo or 1 letterbox hybrid. For the collector souvenir

  • Attend 1 regular, mega or giga event for the socialiser souvenir

  • And if you get all those then you get to unlock the special Achiever Souvenir too.

I already got the Explorer one for finding a trad
The Explorer
I was neither here nor there about the challenge to be honest but then Sam said he wanted to try and get them all and this has spurred me on to want to do it too. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult, we still have numerous examples of all the qualifying caches not too far away. watch this space!

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4 Responses to 7 Souvenirs for 7 Cachers

  1. Smokeypugs says:

    Surely you have more 😉


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  3. Good luck with it – my caching friend Terri and I are hosting a tiny event and that’s the last on the list for us. I really enjoyed finding a webcam cache, it was a very different challenge!


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