Our hides get a visit from a geocaching celebrity

drsolly currently has the most finds logged of any UK geocacher at just under 41,000. He has held this position for quite some time only occasionally being knocked off the top for short periods of time. On Friday, he came to Watford and did our Street Name Scramble and Wall Hall caches as well as Sam’s Church Micro. I am so glad that we had recently done maintenance on all our caches and that they were in tip top condition when he found them. I guess it really shouldn’t make any difference, after all drsolly is just another geocacher and it is just as important that our hides are in good condition for any and all our visitors, but it somehow does feel slightly different. There is no doubt that he is famous in Geocaching circles and it therefore feels kind of cool that he came to do our caches.

As if this didn’t make me smug enough, he also awarded one of our caches a favourite point. As a cache owner, you always want people to enjoy your hides and the awarding of favourite points is one clear way that finders can express their thanks for the effort that the owner has put in. If high profile cachers such as drsolly come and find our caches then there is a chance that they might recommend them to their caching friends and this means more finds for us, which is all good.

Happy days indeed!

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2 Responses to Our hides get a visit from a geocaching celebrity

  1. travelgypsynz says:

    That is great to get a favourite from someone who has done 41,000 caches, I am still trying to get my head around doing 41,000. Keep up the good work, when I get some winnings I will pop over and do all your hides 🙂 they sound great.

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