Showcasing The GeoBlogosphere #7

Lots of interesting and entertaining articles in the GeoBlogosphere over the last month or so. I did notice a bit of a theme of struggling to maintain enthusiasm for caching in a few places, but thankfully there were lots of positive and helpful articles on why caching is so great and how we can rediscover what made us fall in love with it in the first place. As well as these choice nuggets below, don’t forget to check out my full list of Geocaching Blogs. To be honest I could have included another 10 blogs in the showcase this time, there was so much good stuff out there. 🙂

Why care about how others geocache
P.J expresses thoughts that I am sure we have all had at times… about the way other people go about caching. But, should we care how others do it?

All Change for Delta68
It has been quiet of late, with no wacky antics from Donna and Mark but as this article shows, a lot has changed for them and now they have some pretty cool caching plans for the future.

Old Dweeb goes Hollywood
A cool article about caching in the Hollywood hills, right by the iconic sign.

The Button Mushroom gives something back
A thought provoking article about how to give something back to the hobby and how to help keep caches in good shape for future generations.

A MEGA weekend for The Geocaching Junkie
Sarah has been at full throttle over the recent months, with her blog continuing to have loads of brilliant articles. I particularly enjoy her account of a recent MEGA weekend trip. Additionally I did a lot of head nodding and smirking at 12 Things Only Geocachers do.

mrbream goes a little Dr Seuss
Just a good old fashioned caching day out with Father and Daughter. Put a smile on my face.

Sherminator reminds us what there is to love about Geocaching
If you start to doubt yourself, or feel a little like caching is losing its edge, then read this and remember why you love it.

Do you know of any Geocaching blogs that I don’t? If you do and you can’t find them on my list of Geocaching Blogs, then please let me know in the comments section below

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1 Response to Showcasing The GeoBlogosphere #7

  1. I clicked on over to your list and certainly have some Geocaching blog reading to catch up on. Also, thank you so much for listing my little corner of the blogosphere there!


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