Popping up on Podcasts

Podcasts are excellent ways of finding out about a new hobby and learning tips and tricks from those more experienced that you and when it comes to geocaching, there are quite a few to choose from. I have sampled quite a few over the last 7 months or so and found there to be a real mixed bag out there, as is always the case with podcasts. There are some that are utter dirge and not worth the bandwidth they use and then there are those that are entertaining, informative and well worth taking a listen to. The ones that I regularly listen to are UKK Geocaching podcast, Podcacher and The Podcast Show. All of these are excellent and all very different in their delivery and content in many ways. But listening to podcasts is not exactly what this post is about. This post is about me sticking my oar in and contributing.

Just before Christmas I wrote a geocaching version of “T’was the night before Christmas” and sent it to podcacher, which is an American based podcast. They did a very nice job of narrating and glamming it up and included it in their Christmas show. You can read the poem and listen to the recording they produced on The Cache Before Christmas. They also read out a small milestone notification I sent them and that recording is included here.

The UK Geocaching podcast is a lot of fun. Sometimes the co-hosts get themselves well and truly side-tracked or caught in playful bickering but they also managed to squeeze in a good helping of informative and entertaining content to go along with the madness. Speaking of madness, they interviewed me back in October last year and you can listen to that below.

The Podcast Show is another UK based podcast and very well produced with a good balance of interesting and informative content alongside a smattering of light hearted mucking about too. I sent them some feedback to a show back at the end of last year and that got read out in a subsequent show and you can listen to that below.

There are many other podcasts in particular the Geosnippets Reboot podcasts and the Geocaching Podcast both US based offerings and both very well established and well produced affairs but I just don’t seem to get on with them as well as some of the others. A new kid on the block is The Oh Beep Geocaching Podcast which is slowly maturing into a podcast that might be worth listening to on a regular basis, although I would probably say that this one would be more suited to complete newbies who might feel a bit intimidated by other podcasts that might tend towards the more experienced cacher.

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2 Responses to Popping up on Podcasts

  1. benignsource says:

    Thank you so much for the mention. I think you hit the nail on the head with the level we’re aiming for with Oh Beep.


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