Catch-up 2 – Aldenham with Mum

Previously on Washknight – Geocaching Blind… I was being crap at writing my blog entries and am therefore posting a few “speed” catch-ups to correct the anomaly in the space-time continuum. This is the second.

A couple of days after our GeoDate in Ashley Green, I got the chance to write one of those logs that I see so often … “The car was in for a service today and therefore snagged this one as I had a couple of hours to kill.” It being central Watford we were spoilt for choice as the whole town is flooded with urban Football Focus caches. Nothing remarkable but it meant I could colour in a square on our grid.

On the following Monday, The 26th, we went out for the day with my mum who was down from Norfolk for a short visit. Whilst it wasn’t a full on caching day, we did take the opportunity to slip in a few including Sam’s Church Micro in Aldenham which I hadn’t even logged yet! Is it cheating to log my own son’s geocache seeing as I helped him place it? To be fair I have waited almost a year before logging it by which time the little unfound cache symbol on the map was seriously starting to bug me.

After that we walked through Aldenham and gave mum the tour of a couple of our Wall Hall caches, which allowed us to do a bit of maintenance on the way too. It also afforded us the opportunity to catch sight of some Red Kites soaring above which was a particular treat for mum as she is a keen birder and all round naturist… no wait, not that… naturalist? better. *shudder*

The distinctive forked tail of a red kite can be clearly seen

Red Kite above Aldenham

A carvery lunch at a nearby pub was followed by a nice walk around the reservoir at Aldenham. Mum grew up in and around this area and the memories came flooding back as we walked through the pretty woods that surround the water. It was tinged with a little sadness though, as it appears there are plans afoot to close the country park at Aldenham as the council cannot afford to carry out the necessary repair works to the dam holding back the reservoir. This country park played a part in my upbringing too as I remember visiting on a number of occasions and have brought both my sons here many times since.
Sam and Nanni Sandra look out over the reservoir

Sam and Nanni Sandra look out over the reservoir

With a possible closure on the cards, there was also an urgency in claiming the few caches that lay inside the bounds of the park as they might become inaccessible soon and most likely be archived altogether. There were two puzzles and a trad there and we managed to find 2 out of the 3, which wasn’t bad. I hope we will get a chance to return to collect the last, but even if we don’t I am glad we got to visit again with mum and grab a few photos for the memory album.
On the Bridge by the Dam

On the Bridge by the Dam

Ducks enjoying the reservoir as the sun goes down on Aldenham country park

Ducks enjoying the reservoir as the sun goes down on Aldenham country park

This geocaching memoir squinted back at October 26th and bumped out total up to 1341.

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