Locking in the Leap Year

It comes but once every 4 years and so finding a cache on 29th February was an absolute “must do”. Other geocachers who have been attempting to find a cache on every date of the year have been waiting for the 29th for a long time so they can complete their grid, but not us. We still have a long way to go. Thinking, somewhat optimistically, however that we will complete it, at least we have the pesky leap day done and dusted.

Our chosen cache was a simple urban micro just a couple of hundred metres from our front door. It being a school day, there was no time to head out for a nice cache in the country so we drew on our stockpile of handy easy urban caches in and around watford. Football Focus #4 The Hammers (GC46BNG) was found in a matter of seconds on the back of a telecoms box and we were back inside and logging it online within minutes. I probably could have popped out there in my slippers but I expect Shar and Sam would have disowned me. You used to see a lot more people popping out in their slippers back when I was a kid… not so much nowadays.

This Geocaching micro-adventure took place on Monday February 29th 2016 and took our cache count to 1396.

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3 Responses to Locking in the Leap Year

  1. Clare says:

    I went for the lazy option, an event to complete my calendar. given the fact I’d found a cache on over 300 days of the previous year I was kind of glad to not find one, don’t let me do such silliness ever again.

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