Showcasing the GeoBlogosphere #2

So what has been happening in the GeoBlogosphere during October? Well it is funny you should ask. By a sheer coincidence you will find below a selection of caching articles that have caught my attention in the last month. After you have perused these don’t forget to check out my full list of geocaching blogs.

geo-Mumma Kel travels west – Aussie Kel tells of some of the milestones and exciting finds she made on her recent family roadtrip taking in Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide. This article is packed with cool pics, clever caches and even penguins… in Australia… who knew?

The Muminator and her bestie go in search of FLAB – Krista and her best friend G head out to Maidenhead for a good old natter and to find some FLAB caches. A great, punchy article with a good selection of pics that sums up their day.

Advice on Attending events from the Caching Bag – Elisa raves about her local caching group in Michigan and pulls together advice from lots of other cachers how to survive your first event. I have been to a few events and I still picked up a couple of good tips from this one.

Covert Caching on – Lee gets down right sneaky with tech so that he can still grab a few smilies on a family “NO GEOCACHING” day out.

The Geocaching Junkie goes on a caching pilgrimage – Sarah leaves Ireland and travels to the U.S. to visit the location where the first geocache was placed back in 2000.

HoneyRobbInn’s Big Adventure!RobbInn tells the story of the multi cache adventure they had recently with their 6 year old grand daughter. A delightful and heart warming tale that gives you hope for the future of geocaching and reminds you that it is most definitely not always about the numbers.

Muddy Mum gets muddy in Cambridge – Clare and friend take a nibble out of the 166 cache Cambs Cacheathon series. Take a GPS with mising caches and dodgy batteries, strategically placed ditches, freshly ploughed fields and only 3 hours before school pick up time and you have all the ingrediants of a hilarious blog article.

Remember, these are just a selection of some of the great geocaching blogs out there, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. Muddy mum says:

    What a lovely bunch 🙂

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