Washknight: Geocaching From A Different Perspective

Many thanks to Sarah for inviting me to appear on her blog.

The Geocaching Junkie

If you Google ‘starting a blog’, you are sure to come across the well-cited ‘fact’ that most blogs do not last longer than 3 months. There are, ironically, countlessblogs detailinghow to be a good and successful blogger and I read lots of them before starting my own. Onepiece of advice that appeared repeatedlywas to read other blogson your chosen subject. So I startedreading. There are a plethora of geocaching blogs out there and lots of really good ones too. One that I stumbled uponearly on,and have been followingever since, isPaul Weston’s great site.

Meet Paul

Paul, a.k.a. Washknight, is based in Watford, England and started caching in May 2013 when he read about it in his 9-year-old son’s geography book:

There was a single paragraph in the book about geocaching being like a scavenger hunt that you use a GPS device to play. Being a very techy person, this…

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